About our Scalp MicroPigmentation Needles

Bishop has a long history within the body art tattoo industry. For over 25 years, Bishop products have been made, trialled and used by both the owners and 1000's of tattoo artists world wide. Over three years in the making, the Bishop SMP range was created, trialled, modified and launched to the SMP world in March 2019. 

The boom of the SMP industry meant there was a need for a quality product that meets the health standards world wide. So, what does that mean? As a part of world health standards - it is important to be using a tattoo needle cartridge that has a membrane inside stopping the back flow of any ink, and ink containing bodily fluids entering your machine. These membranes play a extremely important role in keeping your machine free from cross contamination. 
Scalp MicroPigmentation NeedlesThe Bishop SMP needles are made of medical grade plastic casing with two air flow holes unique to the SMP needles which are designed to create a perfect vaccum for holding ink in a liquid form rather than in a thicker suspension as in PMU (Permanent Make-up). Having the correct vaccum is important when creating a Scalp MicroPigmentation result, as ink flow that floods the scalp with pigment or not enough flow can be frustrating when trying to achieve 1000's of tiny pigment specks per session. These needles can achieve 80 to 100 impressions before re-dipping for pigment. 

The best feature of the Bishop SMP needles is that these are the first of their kind being made of a stronger grade stainless steel - this is why these needles stay sharp throughout a session reducing the need for multiple needle cartridges per session down to just one or two. 

We have made the first 0403rl needle with a tiny 0.17mm diamater perfect for small impressions and used also within the PMU industry for hairstrokes or nanobrows. 

We have four sizes to choose from ranging in diamaters depending on your depth and the art you choose to produce. 

  • 0403rl - 0.17mm
  • 0603rl - 0.20mm
  • 0803rl - 0.25mm
  • 1003rl - 0.30mm 

 Size of Scalp MicroPigmentaiton needles