WILSON MURILLO Micropigmentación Capilar is a specialized brand, which has been working for 7 years. The idea of ​​working with capillary micropigmentation was born as a need to solve a problem of alopecia that I had been suffering since my adolescence. The search for a solution, for the loss of my hair, led me to an exhaustive investigation of different ways to combat an evil that has been throughout my life, tormenting man. What led me to discover a method that today is taking strength and an excellent result for those people who want a change in their lives and find the solution to hair loss. A solution that makes you recover your self-esteem, strengthen your personality and why not, give a positive change physically. We have a great experience, where we have applied this procedure with excellent results, to hundreds of people from all over the world, achieving a 100% satisfaction on their expectations, the testimony of our clients validate the results. Our school has been alongside the best specialists in the world so we were pioneers in Colombia and recognized as Best South American Artist in Hair Micropigmentation and Master of this procedure, with which we have conducted courses where a large number of people have been trained. We are located in Medellín Sabaneta Antioquia Colombia, where we have received people from all over the world, giving them the best attention and achieving the highest satisfaction in the procedure.



RYAN KINGSBURY, the son of a Pastor and Mother who instilled in him a love for people and the faith that he lives today by keeping God first in his life above all. He got involved in art growing up with a focus on monochramatic pencil drawings and portraits. A skill he inherited from his mother Karen who does professional drawings and paintings with chalk, oil pastel, watercolor, and pencil. After working different jobs from line manager at General Motors to teaching art and taking care of children at a private school and daycare, he went into the medical field after graduating from a private medical school working as a Nationally Certified Medical Assistant and phlebotomist in a clinic in Essexville, Michigan. After meeting the love of his life, Mariannthy who is a permanent makeup master artist of over 18 years hailing from Ontario Canada, he moved to London, Ontario to be with her and they were married shortly after. He credits his wife for even being where he is since she was the one who told him about Scalp Micropigmentation and helped him with his first training. That's where his obsession started as he combined his art background and medical background into one passion. He trained in Vancouver and then in Toronto and developed his own flick technique of realistic impressions replicating hair follicles and is well known for his natural realism and is regarded by other artists as one of the best in the world. Later Ryan met John Chandler, Fernando Cortes, and David Hoffer and joined the Scalp Co Academy training team which has won Best Training Program worldwide 2 years in a row for 2018 and 2019. Ryan went on to win multiple awards including being a Finalist for Best Artist in North America as well as Canada Artist of the Year and also won for Canada Trainer of the Year. I thank God for allowing me to be able to do what I do and blessing me with the skill to do it. It's my utmost passion to help people any way that I can".



OLLIE HUGHES has a wealth of Harley Street experience, Ollie has become renowned as the most seasoned practitioner currently operating in London. One of the innovators of the natural hairline; Ollie even decided to name his company Appear Natural as a homage to his work ethic. The detail and realism in Ollie’s work demonstrates an undoubted passion for his craft. He has a number of high profile clients to his name and with results like Ollie’s, it’s easy to see why. During his time practicing in London’s medical capital, Ollie Hughes became renowned as one of the countries’ leading scalp micropigmentation practitioners. Since becoming a specialist technician, Ollie’s flair for creating the most natural looking hairlines has set him apart in the industry. He is notorious for his consistent perfectionism and high quality, ensuring that his customers always leave delighted, with a new found confidence. Having been through the scalp micropigmentation process himself, Ollie has a personal and compassionate understanding of his customer’s anxieties. Hair loss is often a difficult and stressful experience so Ollie’s personable nature is a real asset in helping the client through the process. Understanding that scalp micropigmentation must be tailored to suit each separate client individually, he will advise and guide the customer in terms of which hairline, shade and density will suit them specifically. Having trained numerous practitioners, Ollie has a succinct and technical method of explaining exactly which factors are needed to create a natural looking treatment. When meeting him, clients are always impressed by Ollie’s professionalism and wealth of knowledge in the field.



MARK SMITH has been in the hair loss industry for almost 10 years and in that time has learned a lot about hair loss and alopecia. Mark's knowledge of the hair transplant industry has empowered him with knowledge that has led him to study and become a talented up and coming scalp micropigmentation artist.

Mark has trained with 2 of the arguably the best artists in UK and Europe, Michael Koumis of Scalpology and Ollie Hughes of Appear Natural.

Since then Mark has taken the Northern Ireland Scalp Micropigmentation industry by storm. Mark’s work has been so highly recognized, that he has been nominated for 5 SMP industry awards across 4 different international events in 2018-19.



MARC ALLEN is a former barber to the stars and multiple salon owner. 25 years of creating new and exciting styles, touring with pop stars and working on music video sets in the men’s hair industry led Marc to the world of SMP where he literally thought ‘let me see what I can do with this?’ Creative Scalps was born and Marc started his journey from rookie artist to UK’s #2 at the World Scalp Awards 2019 in just 2.5 years! Marc’s hairline creations have become world famous as he pushes the boundaries and continues to create and innovate in this new exciting industry.



JOHN CHANDLER offers the one on one full service doing hair fillers for women, treating male pattern baldness, and is regarded as the best in the industry in hair transplant scar camouflaging treatments. John's attention to detail and obsessive passion for his craft makes him a standout among the many providers of Scalp Micropigmentation nationwide.

John Chandler has performed over 4,500+ individual Scalp Micropigmentation treatments. He is regarded as one of the most skilled SMP artists in the world. John got his start in the industry with the world renowned HIS Hair Clinic. John worked in the Los Angeles clinic for a year before moving onto Clinic Manager for HIS Hair's San Francisco Clinic for four years before opening Scalp Co.

Scalp Co. currently has 4 locations in the US and has affiliates in many other areas of the country and worldwide. Scalp Co. has also developed into an internationally recognized training facility, Scalp Co. Academy, and offers education and training so elite that they have won World Training Academy awards for 2 years in a row in 2018 and 2019.



FERNANDO CORTES was raised in the city of Boston before moving to Orlando, Florida in 1991. Established Hairline Studios originally under the name of Scalp Aesthetics Orlando in 2015. A professional barber with 20+ years of experience, his desire to become a Scalp Micro Pigmentation Practitioner was a natural one. Coming from a long line of hair professionals, artists, and musicians, Fernando’s ability to offer an exceptional level of service is rivaled by none.

Fernando’s philosophy to running Hairline Studios is simple: Provide the same level of expertise and service that he would expect to receive himself. With a steadfast commitment to quality customer care, integrity, and professionalism, his success is largely attributed to referral business.

*2018 - 2019 World SMPTG USA Artist Of The Year
*2018 Best Technician North America Finalist (London)
*2018 Best Scalp Micropigmentation USA Training



DAVID HOFFER has been in the scalp micropigmentation industry since 2013 and has had over 750 clients so far (and counting). He has received multiple awards and accolades as one of the BEST SMP artists in the world as recognized by his professional peers. David has also worked with charitable organizations dealing with children with Alopecia and Alopecia Awareness. His passion for helping others, along with his genuine caring and level of perfection is what keeps men and women coming to him to perform their procedures with the utmost level of artistry, consideration and sincerity. David is an internationally recognized educator in the field of Scalp Micro Pigmentation as a master trainer with the world renowned ScalpCo Academy, 2X winners of the World Trainers of the Year for 2018 and 2019. His one on one approach and small teacher/student ratio allows him to focus attention to each pupil in order for them to achieve the best training possible. Being the very first cosmetic tattoo artist to work directly with Franco Vescovi to receive the Certificate of Participation with the launch of the WAND and help propel BISHOP SMP as a world leader, is his most honored achievement.



Caitlin James entered the health and beauty industry back in 2005 after completing her diploma of beauty therapy. From here the passion for making people feel good about themselves began. Like many can relate to, it is an addictive feeling knowing you have helped someone. Caitlin has always worked hard to achieve a high standard in all that she does and over the next few years moved into providing beauty from a Cosmetic Surgery practice and was offered the position to become a hair transplant assistant. There was something about the repetitive and monotonous work, paying extreme attention to detail in the clinical setting that she loved. Fast forward 11 years and as she steps away from the hair transplant world, in 2015 she began her next career path in Scalp MicroPigmentation. Today her SMP results, hair loss knowledge and client care have made her a leading authority in the Scalp MicroPigmentation world in Australia and internationally. 2016 winning Best Procedure award Australia, 2017 Australian Artist of the Year, 2018 Top 5 finalist for Best procedure award and 2019 Australian Artist of the Year. In 2018 she joined the Scalp Co. Team and is a trainer in Scalp MicroPigmentation Australia sharing her passion and a supporter of the Bishop products and SMP Wand.