SMP Pigment Concentrate
SMP Pigment Concentrate

SMP Pigment Concentrate

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The Bishop concentrate allows flexibility and creativity by providing a pure base pigment that you must dilute yourself. By using our guideline- we create 30 different tones by diluting the pigment with sterile or distilled water. Always use single use sterile drawing up syringes and disposable pigment cups when mixing.

Our Bishop SMP Pigment has been used by most of the SMP industry for over 5 years. As the creators of Nocturnal Ink, we have made SMP formulas for many companies over the years as we are the biggest manufacturer of pigment in the industry. We now Present to you our official premium blend.

– Acrylic free
– Pure organic pigment
– No blue or green hues
– True longevity
– Made with the highest quality and standards
– Specifically created for SMP